Masters in IT - Data Science Capstone Exhibition, University of Pretoria

June 2022

MIT 808: Big Data Science Capstone Project

Welcome to the University of Pretoria MIT808: Big Data Science Capstone Project online exhibition

2022 Exhibition

The 2022 capstone had 14 projects from 7 partners. The partners were diverse, representing Food Science, Economic and Management Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture and a prestigious South African Newspaper. You can learn more about our partners by going to the partner tab.

A total of 29 students participated in 14 teams to complete their projects. This website is the online exhibition of these projects, their learnings and a showcase of the students' creativity and Data Science skills. You can view the projects by heading to the Projects tab.

MIT 808 Information

The module, from 2020, has been taught by Assoc. Prof Vukosi Marivate and Mr Abiodun Modupe. Prof Vukosi Marivate has a background in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and is interested in the role of Data Science in Society. Mr Abiodun Modupe is interested in the confluence of artificial intelligence for natural language processing and speech recognition (because of the abundance of text documents and the need for knowledge to be extracted). In this module, students carry out a Data Science Capstone project that brings together the theoretical module they have completed in the first year of their MITC Big Data Science program.

You can find out a bit more about the course here MIT808 Public Website

You can find out about the Masters in IT: Big Data Science at our official website.

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Assoc. Prof Vukosi Marivate
Course Co-ordinator
University of Pretoria / @vukosi
Abiodun Modupe
Course Co-ordinator
University of Pretoria
Thapelo Sindane
Web Development Assistant
University of Pretoria

Thank you to our 2022 sponsor, Tensorflow, for sponsoring the physical exhibition for students!