covid19za Consortium

The open Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository for South Africa created, maintained and hosted by Data Science for Social Impact research group at the University of Pretoria. To disseminate this information, the Data Science for Social Impact research group at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, has worked on curating and applying publicly available data in a way that is computer readable so that information can be shared to the public – using both a data repository and a dashboard.
Partner project leader(s): Tshepiso Mokoena and Raesetje Sefala
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  • Title: COVID-19 MODEL HUB , Students: Takura Asael Wekwete | Lekutumisa Eddie Mathebana, Year: 2022

Forestry And Agricultural Biotechnology Institute and Institute of Commercial Forestry Research

FABI, the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, at the University of Pretoria, is a post-graduate research institute that was established in 1997, based on a recognition that the future of forestry and agriculture in South Africa will strongly depend on the incorporation of new and emerging technologies into these industries. Major opportunities for these industries have emerged in recent times, from the applications of biotechnology and bioinformatics, amongst many others. FABI scientists undertake goal-directed research, in partnership with major players in the forestry and agricultural sectors in South Africa and in so doing, promote both human capital and industrial development in the country.

The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) is a non-profit organisation, providing project-based research solutions and related services in support of forest management in southern Africa. ICFR is the custodian of weather data on behalf of the forestry industry.
Partner project leader(s): Hannes Strydom and Dr Ilaria Germishuizen and Prof Bernard Slippers
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Department of Consumer and Food Sciences, University of Pretoria

The department provides relevant, world-class education and training of future leaders in Consumer Science, Food Science, Culinary Science and Nutrition. We provide teaching and learning opportunities to develop future leaders in Food Science, Nutrition, Hospitality, Food Retail Management and Clothing Retail Management. We also conduct relevant research that is internationally recognized and impacts positively on the well-being of the African community.
Partner project leader(s): Prof Riëtte de Kock
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Department of Private Law, University of Pretoria

The Department of Private Law is responsible for teaching several of the core subjects in the LLB curriculum. The main subjects taught are Family Law and the Law of Persons in the first year, Law of Succession, Law of Contract and Legal Pluralism in the second year, Law of Things, Intellectual Property Law and Law of Delict in the third year and Private Law in the fourth year. The Department also takes responsibility for teaching the following electives in the fourth year, namely Private International Law, Law of Damages, Trusts and Estates, Education Law and Child Law.
Partner project leader(s): Prof Gustav Muller
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Mail and Guardian

The Mail & Guardian is a quality investigative and comment news publication, based on a culture of editorial independence and excellence. We have published a weekly newspaper since our first edition in 1985, and in 1994 we became the first news organisation in South Africa to launch a website. Since that first issue, the M&G has maintained an activist soul. We were born out of the need for a truly free and independent press in the dark days of the Apartheid regime, and through our journalism, we maintain and promote our core values of truth, freedom, justice and equality. Our aim is to create space for debate and diversity, to defend freedom of expression and to combat racial, political and religious prejudice. We stand in solidarity with the powerless and vulnerable and we strive for a more just and compassionate South Africa
Partner project leader(s): Athandiwe Saba
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South African Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Hub

The South African SDG Hub is a metaplatform that aggregates the best and most relevant research on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from South African and selected non-South African universities. Our machine-learning-based classification tool classifies research in terms of one or more of the SDGs. Our mission is to increase the impact of research published on universities' institutional repositories.
Partner project leader(s): Dr Jurgens de Lange and Prof Willem Fourie
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Centre for Environmental Studies, GGM, University of Pretoria,

The Centre for Environmental Studies at the University of Pretoria is a graduate training programme for multidisciplinary studies in the field of environmental sciences. The emerging discipline of Environmental Studies requires a new generation of graduates capable of facing the challenges posed by this multidisciplinary subject as well as by the expanding and rapidly changing market requirements. The latest developments in national legislation with respect to the environment and the consumer-driven environmental awareness of the industry at an international level have generated a need for suitably qualified professionals who can implement these new developments in the environmental industry. A sensitive balance between professional specialisation and a broad understanding of the varied and interacting dimensions of environmental problems is required promoting sustainable economic development at the conservation natural resource and social dimensions.
Partner project leader(s): Dr. Philemon Tsele and Prof. Abel Ramoelo
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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

At the EMS Faculty you will receive the best support and additional study resources online to help you graduate on time with a relevant and internationally recognised degree that carries an excellent reputation amongst the top corporate employers in South Africa and abroad. You will also have the opportunity to gain critical skills that will allow you to start your own business as an entrepreneur. The Faculty offers a wide range of specialised degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and focuses on three broad areas namely financial sciences economic sciences and management sciences – the cornerstones of global economies. We are a proud member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). A number of our degrees are accredited by statutory and professional bodies at national and international level.
Partner project leader(s): Prof S Das and Dr A Bignotti
Project(s) presentations:
  • Title: Forgood Needs , Students: Nkosana Guga | Tebogo Motlhamme, Year: 2020

Facial Morphology Research group

Our main research focus is to identify affordable, non-invasive measures of health. More specifically, we study the associations between facial appearance (both shape and colour), direct measures of health and genetic variation. Our previous work, for example, found associations between facial appearance and Body Mass Index (BMI), hormonal profile, and antibody response. Many of these studies were conducted in collaboration with other local and international researchers and we continue to collaborate with various researchers worldwide.
Partner project leader(s): Prof. Vinet Coetzeeand | ORCiD and Google Scholar
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