Enabling weather based decision making for forestry research and management

Ndhivuwo Mphephu , Romeo Taljaard

Partner: fabi

Year: 2021

Abstract: The Forestry and Agricultural sectors are key to the economy in South Africa, and development in Africa. The biggest threats to the potential growth of these industries are climate change and introduced pests and diseases. The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) and its research partner, the ICFR, are at the forefront of helping the SA forestry and agriculture industries and related government departments to develop leading, appropriate technologies to address issues such issues. These institutes have an increasing need to more optimally integrate data from across these fields such as planting stock, pests and diseases with the weather, soil and other data. In this project, we would like to unlock the understanding of 70 years of weather data to serve as a basis for gaining insight into the data. The objective is to create a Web based App to host this dataset where potential users can visit the App to preform exploratory data analysis and also the predictive analytics. In addition the user will be able to download the data based on the selection.

Presentation Video